4 Things about Horse Arena Surfaces

A good arena is just not about creating a perimeter or filling the interior with dirt and sand. It’s about using the right materials for a consistent surface that enables safe footing which provides vertical and horizontal support to the horse. Most of the time, it totally depends on the discipline of the horse. Well, there are some other factors that should be considered-

  • The surface that you are choosing must distribute shock through the layers of the arena and provide enough resistance for the horse to balance and move to the next stride.
  • The quality of the sand does matter. If the sand is of poor quality then the surface will never be of optimum level.
  • Having a good drainage system is essential as an outdoor arena often gets subjected to changing weather. Good drainage reduces the chances of floods during heavy rain which is likely to create a bad surface for the horse.
  • For little maintenance, adding wax to the surface means you don’t need to add water. Wax adds moisture and structure to the surface as well as it keeps the fibre stay intact without blowing away.

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