Equestrian surfaces know hows that will amaze you!

Equestrian surfaces know hows that will amaze you!

Every horse owner takes a lot of effort and research before they settle for the perfect equestrian surfaces for their horse. Such surfaces are the foundation on which a horse will grow and prosper to become an amazing performer. Therefore the importance of a good surface is large. Some of the amazing know hows about these surfaces are mentioned below-

  • Different materials can be used in combination to get the same quality of surface.
  • With time and use, the properties of a surface will keep changing and will get weary. The sharpness of the surface will decrease over a period of time and the amount of usage.
  • Factors that determine if a horse can get injured on a particular surface or note are – riding intensity, speed, duration and also the weather.
  • Whatever surface you may have created for your horse, the training schedule of the horse must include room for its introduction to other surfaces also so that they can perform well if they are put in other surface than their own.
  • Water content (moisture) is one of the most important factors. Make sure that the surface is watered regularly so that the best can be achieved from such arena surfaces.

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